Sunday, February 07, 2010

Brave New World?

What do you do when your publisher goes out of business and/or otherwise disappears? Some folks might be bummed out, I suppose, but not me... I see this as the Universe’s way of telling me to go with my original plan of a truly independent author... as the full rights to Racing History have now reverted to their originator -- me!

Enter -- and the fabulous Kindle machine. Those folks at the world’s biggest bookstore have been kind enough to make it SO easy to publish in kindle format that I put up the first three volumes the other night while hanging out w/chris and strider in front of the teevee. Soon the whole series will be there -- then I’ll get to the individual episodes...

Good news: Better pricing! I never agreed with DPP’s pricing structure for the PDF and Mobipocket versions. The kindle versions will be less than half the price. and as soon as Apple makes it easy to publish ipad versions, you can bet it’ll show up there as well!

Thanx to cleverer folks than me (when it comes to e-business and such), all this is finally becoming possible... meanwhile I’m writing a new novel (not set in the racing history universe; in fact, not even skiffy but fantasy instead)... but more on that later...

Oh and my own domain name now, too:

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