Sunday, February 07, 2010

Brave New World?

What do you do when your publisher goes out of business and/or otherwise disappears? Some folks might be bummed out, I suppose, but not me... I see this as the Universe’s way of telling me to go with my original plan of a truly independent author... as the full rights to Racing History have now reverted to their originator -- me!

Enter -- and the fabulous Kindle machine. Those folks at the world’s biggest bookstore have been kind enough to make it SO easy to publish in kindle format that I put up the first three volumes the other night while hanging out w/chris and strider in front of the teevee. Soon the whole series will be there -- then I’ll get to the individual episodes...

Good news: Better pricing! I never agreed with DPP’s pricing structure for the PDF and Mobipocket versions. The kindle versions will be less than half the price. and as soon as Apple makes it easy to publish ipad versions, you can bet it’ll show up there as well!

Thanx to cleverer folks than me (when it comes to e-business and such), all this is finally becoming possible... meanwhile I’m writing a new novel (not set in the racing history universe; in fact, not even skiffy but fantasy instead)... but more on that later...

Oh and my own domain name now, too:

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Racing History in the New Year!!!

Happy happy to all my... well, everybody.

Here's the big news:  I finally got my dang website up.  For now here is the URL:

I have a domain of my own, but am having trouble making it work.  Publishing from iWeb on my Mac straight to my dot-mac account is so ridiculously easy, if only I could just get the domain to automatically redirect there I'd be fine...  All this stuff is so complicated, it is a miracle I have anything up at all.  But finally I found an iWeb template I could customize to my heart's content.



Monday, February 12, 2007

Time... Passes...

Ay, mierda... How'd that happen? It's 2007?!? What will be my excuse? Home ownership, perhaps? Racing History? My job?


Volumes 1-3 are for sale at I'm working on Vol.4 now -- and expect to have the final files up by the summer solstice. At that point, I can turn my attention to other things. Like the Racing History website and print-on-demand versions... So many ideas... so little time...

Time. It's not really about time these days. It's about brainpower. Can I get an amen, sistah? So many days, I get home from work, I gots nothin' left in the noggin' but a hankering for some din-din and a desire to watch the latest episodes of Prison Break and Heroes... (And gawdhelpme if it ain't Monday!) So bloggin' and writin' and workin' on RH files... jeeze it's all a lost cause. Ah well, and then the politics catch my attention and it's all over from there. I turn into a ranting, sputtering, whiny little liberal pain in the neck.

Heh. She said neck.

I'm serious. It's all too much. In fact, I've been thinking that's the whole mechanism of oppression in our modern society. Wait, now, hear me out: Freedom of speech, and all that, right. Great things. The Internet. This blog and all the thousands of others... Comix (my current obsessions are and, movies, music, talk shows, reality TV, entertainment galore... So we got work, our jobs, whatever they may be -- from studifying at the local university to selling computers to making a magazine, etc. The job takes up 1/3 of your day, another 1/3 of which is lost to sleep. The remaining 8 hours are for eating, excreting, washing, tidying up, family stuff, and entertainment. Right? Videogames. Magazines. Novels. The Web. MySpace. It's so easy to consume. There's so much choice. Your brain slowly but surely becomes overloaded. Oh yeah, and why aren't you going to the gym? You're really getting out of shape, y'know. We live such sedentary lives...

Creation is hard, whether that be a letter to your grandma or a short story or a song. It takes large chunks of time and concentration. Why bother? There's another episode of Law & Order on TV. What time is it? Ah, bedtime... See ya' tomorrow, world.

The weekend is for recovery. Whatever you do, don't use that time to think, question, reason, or any of those silly things. Be a good consumer. Go shopping. That'll show those terrorists. Look how free we are!

This is the most insidious form of oppression in human history -- that which masquerades as freedom. We're free to say what we want about the Grammys and Brangelina and fashion and Anna Nicole's death and the latest trial of the century and whatever else is there to take our attention away from things that matter. We're free to consume. Free to be customers. Free to waste time.

Time = life.

Such is freedom. Welcome to 2007.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Cup Follies

OK, I just gotta' say it... I'm sick of hearing all these folks talk about how awful it is that Zidane lost his temper and thus lost the World Cup for France. This has been a nasty World Cup... and people who watch soccer know that it's not the most civilized or teetotling a sport as it is. I mean, it ain't hockey, but...

Well, can I just put in my own two cents here? And please note this is coming from a chick.

ZIDANE kicks A$$!!!!

That was one sweet move, man. He hit him so hard you could HEAR the impact on the video. Screw this metrosexual violence doesn't solve anything shit. I could watch that over and over. Z made it look so effortless. All that stuff people say about the French being wimps... and Z-man just turns around and goes POP! and the other guy's on his butt.

Sorry, but sometimes violence is beautiful. I really mean it.

To paraphase Doyle on a long-lost episode of "Angel," "Violence is never the answer... But it can be kinda' festive!"

Ahhh... Nothing like watching men be men. Especially when they're good-lookin' to boot.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled political correctness.

After my quote of the day, that is:

“The greater part of what my neighbors call good I believe in my soul to be bad, and if I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my good behavior. What demon possessed me that I behaved so well?” —HD Thoreau

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Ladies and germs... Dudes and dudettes... Chicas y muchachos...

Hola and Kaixo, greetings from your wayward droogie CAS.

It's finally real! Check it out y'all, I am so psyched. Volume One of Racing History is going live and worldwide. You can get the whole first book or just an episode at a time. (Cheaper to go whole hog than to buy all seven eps separately, hint hint.) It would totally rock if I could get onto the eBook bestseller list. Hey, they're freakin' eBooks, it shouldn't take much!

OK, so here's the link:

  • Go there and click on sci-fi/fantasy, and you'll see my stuff. It's pretty easy to find, my covers are the best. ;-) Yes I did them myself. Creative control all the way, baby!

    Alternatively, you can go straight to me with this URL:

  • And if that wasn't enough, I've finally got a writer-type website too. Signed on with a service for now, until I can get together something spiffier. But the price was right, and I needed something right away. So you can find it here:

  • There will be free stuff there soon (probably after the 4th of July holiday's over). Cool RH stuff and other things too. Lalala. I'm so happy, I have to shout in graphic form:

    PS: In lieu of a supporting purchase, I would greatly appreciate some word of mouth. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say-no-more... OK, look, I'm begging here! Tell every skiffy fan you know how wicked cool all this is and how you knew me when I was working on it blah blah blah. Please? I'll buy you a cookie. Ah, c'mon, if I know you I've probably bought you lots of cookies or lunches or dinners etc. Right? Heh. Y'know ya love me. ;-) If you're at Orycon or RustyCon this year (or Westercon next year), I'll be there too and very very grateful too. :-)

    But seriously, folks, I GREATLY appreciate all your patience and support over the years. And if we're lucky, this is only the beginning.


    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Thanx, Bennie!

    I would just like to thank Ben Lee for helping me out of my snarky crappy mood. I was just doing some work here on Racing History Volume Two, and his song "We're All In This Together" came on my iTunes, and... Dang, that's a great piece of writing. Highly recommended once again, kids. CD's called "Awake Is the New Sleep." Great philosophizing in the form of singable, memorable tunes.

    In other news, I'm adding a scene to Vol. 2. (Hey, cut me some slack, this is my last chance!) And Vol. 1 should be up on the web before long. One of my bestest friends in the world, former roommate and shipmate from college, Jen Birmingham is coming out to visit next week. Her first time west of the Mississippi, I believe. I'm really looking forward to showing her around, taking her to see some of the grandeur our beautiful state has to offer. Hopefully, by then the grass pollen count will have dropped off. This has been a rough season; half the time I'm too wasted to make any sense, the rest of the time I'm trying to get all the stuff done I couldn't do whilst I was high. Gotta' love that Benedryl, especially when you get stupid and wash it down with a nice chianti. Doh!

    So anyway... Y'all may not hear from me much between 6/29 and 7/4. But I do swear to get back to journaling here more often. Promise. Tis good for the psyche. And it may even be stuff worth reading, who knows?

    Till later...


    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    Couldn't Wait...

    Well, folks, I wasn't planning to post again until I could give you all a link to the first appearance of my book. But I couldn't wait. See, I've been thinking again. And that's always dangerous. Puts me in a foul, foul mood whenever I pay attention to what's going on in our world. So I've got to get some of this ire out before it makes me really sick.

    Share my misery! C'mon, it'll be fun!

    Here we go...

    Someone on the Huffington Post commented on a photo he saw of an ecstatic newly molded soldier embracing his commander in chief. See it here:

    Like me, the blogger feels that he and the soldier must be living in completely different worlds. We are, man, we are. I commented on the thing, and here's what I said:

    "It's sad to see people who are considered nothing but cannon fodder going ga-ga over the guy who'd willingly throw their lives away for fun and profit.

    "Before you armchair hawks start giving me crap about it, I'm the daughter and granddaughter of real life military grunts (not officers) and can count at least a dozen military people among friends and family. So I know whereof I speak when I say...

    "This 'fighting to preserve our freedoms' crap is nothing but military propaganda used to make the cannon fodder feel good about their sacrifices. Don't kid yourselves. If we weren't so utterly spoiled and self-indulgent, if our leaders weren't such pseudo-royal jerks, and if we didn't vomit our cultural ideas all over the rest of the world while sucking up the vast majority of its resources to maintain our outrageous standard of living... If not for squandering all the global good will turned our way time and again, we wouldn't NEED to have our freedoms protected by throwing everything our military has at a country the size of New Jersey. The US military exists in its current form as an economic crutch. And the lives of its soldiers are no more valued by the guys in charge of 'human resources' than are any other tool in the arsenal.

    "My freedoms are not being protected right now, anyway, except perhaps by the Coast Guard. If we were attacked directly by the Chinese army (perhaps seeking repayment of the billions we now owe them thanks to this war), the current people in charge wouldn't have a clue what to do about it."

    Katrina and 9/11 pretty much showed how well the blokes in charge can handle a real live threat to "the homeland."

    But that got me thinking even more as the day went on after that... Quite distracted, I was in fact. And here's the thing. I've heard this argument many times from various family members (mainly) and others too that the world is out to get America and the only reason we're not all speaking Russian or German or what-have-you is because of the courageous efforts of our great and powerful military. This goes hand-in-hand with the support-the-troops thing, and is to be expected in a family with so many members having been said troops. (No officers, mind you, just privates and the like.)

    And make no mistake, I do NOT blame "the troops" for what's going on politically right now. In fact, it is their commanding officers I blame somewhat, and going up the chain of command to the decision-makers. Deciders, if you will. But here's the thing. I've had it up to here [picture hand and throat] with this double-standard superiority/sacrifice image we give the military. In the movies, in the propaganda, you name it. Civilians don't know anything about how the world really is, and only our brave and gallant troops out there defending freedom are in the know, and we're ungrateful louts who barely deserve said protection.

    Never mind that it's mostly civilians whe are involved in the economic alliances that bind the world together, and that many of us have been to other countries and met other people in real life...

    But let's be honest. How many countries are there in the world? And how many of them have smaller militaries than ours? And how many of them are currently being pounded into shit by opposing armies? Guess what? It's a biological imperative to stay alive and not take stupid risks for no reward. Countries don't go to war every freakin day just 'cuz they know the other guy can't fight back. Yes, it happens. It has happened. But the percentage of countries who've done so vs. those who haven't shows that it's the anomaly. It takes raging stupidity to throw your citizens and your resources at something like that.

    Our Fearless Leader would have us believe that Muslims "hate our freedom and want to destroy it." Well, that's so totally off-base, it's laughable. They don't hate our freedom. Lots of people are JEALOUS of it, yes. Thus the immigrant issue. But hate it? No.

    What do they hate? I kinda' listed it in my Huffington Post comment. They hate that we get to live the highest standard of living on Earth just 'cuz we're 'murkins... They hate that we're bullies and push everyone else around economically and militarily, etc. They hate that we suck up resources like a giant Hoover vac... They hate our arrogance. They hate many aspects of our culture that we ourselves hate: nasty porn (nothing like the stuff they put on regular TV in some parts of Europe, BTW), excessive violence, consumerism/materialism, greed, waste, etc. In many ways, in fact, what Republicans claim to hate about our culture is what fundamentalist Muslims hate about it. Except for the stuff that makes them money.

    So what keeps people from sending their armies in and taking our stuff? The largest standing army on Earth belongs to China, which is utterly opposed to our way of life and also happens to be our largest creditor. Why haven't they sent a million guys onto our Pacific beaches? Is it our glorious military?

    Much simpler than that. We have nuclear weapons (and so do they, BTW, which is probably why we haven't tried to stamp them out yet), and we've shown that we're happy to use them. Our military's kinda' tied up elsewhere now, in fact, and has clearly shown the world that it can't even handle a country the size of New Jersey. If anything, the Iraq situation is making it very clear to everyone else that we're nigh unto incompetent when it comes to such things. It's almost like hanging out a big "Come get us, we're idiots" neon sign over the Statue of Liberty. (I posit that our Fearless Leader knew damn well there were no WMDs there, or he'd never have gone there. It's the only real deterrant.)

    No one dares to come after us 'cuz we're big, mainly, and that makes military actions here very difficult. We have a fantastic infrastructure thanks to FDR's new deal and other massive public works projects. You know, big government. Also we have The Bomb and aren't scared to whip it out. You can thank Einstein and Oppenheimer and a bunch of other scientists for that, BTW, not the military. The only other thing that keeps us safe is our numerous alliances, both political and economic. So many different countries have a stake in the US, it's not even funny. We'd only have to worry if they, I don't know, maybe all ganged up against us and demanded the money we owe 'em or something.

    Unfortunately, the current administration believes that alliances are for pussies. They obviously don't give a damn what anyone else thinks about us or what we do, unless that's someone who has something we want. And they're just as likely to say "Screw 'em," take their shit in the name of liberation, and set up housekeeping in their capital city than possibly consider what they might want themselves.

    Why are we farting around in the middle east when a lunatic leader in North Korea is brandishing very real WMDs in our direction? Because he doesn't have anything we want. And because we can take care of the so-called threat he presents by tossing a couple of bombs his way. No troops necessary.

    Ah, yes. Back to the troops thing. I know more people who washed out of the military for whatever reason than who are successful there. But both, OK, so I've paid attention to both sides of that equation. And the fact is that our military is nothing but an economic crutch, a political bargaining chip, and worst of all a collection of human cannon fodder whose leaders will throw away like garbage on the whim of a holy war.

    Support the troops? I ache for them. I'm disgusted and personally guilt-ridden over the exploitation of them that I see, that I tacitly allow. Never mind that I can't do a damn thing about it. But I sure as hell don't support it. Not that. It's the way of the world, man, but that don't mean I gotta' like it.

    2,500 is "just a number." So's 100,000 (the approx. number of Iraqi casualties, both combatants and noncombatants). So's $350 billion. So's 1984. And freedom's just a word. Sorta' like peace and prosperity, security and privacy, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The people in charge right now don't care about any of these things. If the numbers aren't attached to dollar signs, positive dollar signs on their own personal balance sheets, then none of it matters.

    The past few years have done nothing but convince me that the world is packed full of stupid people.