Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Grown-Up-CAS in Da House

Folks, it's been a crazy three weeks since that last post... I found a house, made an offer, and applied for financing, if you can believe that. So my responsible side has taken over, and I've never been all that well acquainted with her. Not that I don't like her much, she just isn't very fun. But she does get things done. So we'll have this mutual tolerance thing for a while, at least until the loan goes through (yay or nay) and so forth. Closing date should be 10th of April, if all goes well... I refuse to be optimistic, that's usually a bad idea in my life. It usually leads to disappointment. (Thus the lack of house photos here for now; I will post them if things turn out right.) Meanwhile, I thought I owed y'all an explanation as to my disappearance of late.

My friends are, I'm sure, sick of hearing me talk about it. But it's a pretty big thing in life. Or at least, it feels like it when you're 36 years old and doing this for the first time. I've learned about a lot of things over the past few weeks, things I never wanted to care about like credit ratings and closing costs and so forth. Bleah.

And the world has gone right along as if (GASP!) it didn't even notice or care... Our country's debt limit has been raised to accommodate the borrow-and-spend Bush administration's manic hemorrhaging of money. 'Cuz the people benefitting from the war can't be expected to PAY for it, after all -- You know the ones, those whose kids aren't enlisted in the military to waste their lives in the desert. Yeah, them.

Ah yeah, and my all-time favorite graphic novel "V for Vendetta" by Alan Moore has been turned into a pretty darn good movie that's currently doing all right in the theaters. I'm shocked, actually, 'cuz I figured it was too British for American audiences to "get" y'know? Like, what average Iowa citizen knows who Guy Fawkes was? Or how important a symbol he is? And your typical comic-book movie this ain't. In fact, the usual superhuman comic booky things are entirely incidental to the story. How pleasantly surprising, I gotta' say. I just hope people -- at least some of them -- are getting the point. Guess that one remains to be seen...

Sorry, but it looks like I don't have much of a rant in me today. Maybe later. Till then...


PS: Please send some good mojo our way for our dog, Sasha -- She has an ugly sore on her foot that could be skin cancer. Which might mean losing a toe. Or death. Or not. But a little good mojo can't hurt. Thanx!

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Loreen said...

House = Cool. (Whether you get this one or the next one).

V for Vendeta = Unexpectedly cool.

Dog = Hope Sasha gets better soon and with few complications.