Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thanx, Bennie!

I would just like to thank Ben Lee for helping me out of my snarky crappy mood. I was just doing some work here on Racing History Volume Two, and his song "We're All In This Together" came on my iTunes, and... Dang, that's a great piece of writing. Highly recommended once again, kids. CD's called "Awake Is the New Sleep." Great philosophizing in the form of singable, memorable tunes.

In other news, I'm adding a scene to Vol. 2. (Hey, cut me some slack, this is my last chance!) And Vol. 1 should be up on the web before long. One of my bestest friends in the world, former roommate and shipmate from college, Jen Birmingham is coming out to visit next week. Her first time west of the Mississippi, I believe. I'm really looking forward to showing her around, taking her to see some of the grandeur our beautiful state has to offer. Hopefully, by then the grass pollen count will have dropped off. This has been a rough season; half the time I'm too wasted to make any sense, the rest of the time I'm trying to get all the stuff done I couldn't do whilst I was high. Gotta' love that Benedryl, especially when you get stupid and wash it down with a nice chianti. Doh!

So anyway... Y'all may not hear from me much between 6/29 and 7/4. But I do swear to get back to journaling here more often. Promise. Tis good for the psyche. And it may even be stuff worth reading, who knows?

Till later...


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