Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Ladies and germs... Dudes and dudettes... Chicas y muchachos...

Hola and Kaixo, greetings from your wayward droogie CAS.

It's finally real! Check it out y'all, I am so psyched. Volume One of Racing History is going live and worldwide. You can get the whole first book or just an episode at a time. (Cheaper to go whole hog than to buy all seven eps separately, hint hint.) It would totally rock if I could get onto the eBook bestseller list. Hey, they're freakin' eBooks, it shouldn't take much!

OK, so here's the link:
  • http://www.dppstore.com

  • Go there and click on sci-fi/fantasy, and you'll see my stuff. It's pretty easy to find, my covers are the best. ;-) Yes I did them myself. Creative control all the way, baby!

    Alternatively, you can go straight to me with this URL:
  • http://www.dppstore.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=Scott

  • And if that wasn't enough, I've finally got a writer-type website too. Signed on with a service for now, until I can get together something spiffier. But the price was right, and I needed something right away. So you can find it here:
  • http://thespiritus.eyewrite.net

  • There will be free stuff there soon (probably after the 4th of July holiday's over). Cool RH stuff and other things too. Lalala. I'm so happy, I have to shout in graphic form:

    PS: In lieu of a supporting purchase, I would greatly appreciate some word of mouth. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say-no-more... OK, look, I'm begging here! Tell every skiffy fan you know how wicked cool all this is and how you knew me when I was working on it blah blah blah. Please? I'll buy you a cookie. Ah, c'mon, if I know you I've probably bought you lots of cookies or lunches or dinners etc. Right? Heh. Y'know ya love me. ;-) If you're at Orycon or RustyCon this year (or Westercon next year), I'll be there too and very very grateful too. :-)

    But seriously, folks, I GREATLY appreciate all your patience and support over the years. And if we're lucky, this is only the beginning.


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