Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Cup Follies

OK, I just gotta' say it... I'm sick of hearing all these folks talk about how awful it is that Zidane lost his temper and thus lost the World Cup for France. This has been a nasty World Cup... and people who watch soccer know that it's not the most civilized or teetotling a sport as it is. I mean, it ain't hockey, but...

Well, can I just put in my own two cents here? And please note this is coming from a chick.

ZIDANE kicks A$$!!!!

That was one sweet move, man. He hit him so hard you could HEAR the impact on the video. Screw this metrosexual violence doesn't solve anything shit. I could watch that over and over. Z made it look so effortless. All that stuff people say about the French being wimps... and Z-man just turns around and goes POP! and the other guy's on his butt.

Sorry, but sometimes violence is beautiful. I really mean it.

To paraphase Doyle on a long-lost episode of "Angel," "Violence is never the answer... But it can be kinda' festive!"

Ahhh... Nothing like watching men be men. Especially when they're good-lookin' to boot.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled political correctness.

After my quote of the day, that is:

“The greater part of what my neighbors call good I believe in my soul to be bad, and if I repent of anything, it is very likely to be my good behavior. What demon possessed me that I behaved so well?” —HD Thoreau

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