Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Racing History in the New Year!!!

Happy happy to all my... well, everybody.

Here's the big news:  I finally got my dang website up.  For now here is the URL:

I have a domain of my own, but am having trouble making it work.  Publishing from iWeb on my Mac straight to my dot-mac account is so ridiculously easy, if only I could just get the domain to automatically redirect there I'd be fine...  All this stuff is so complicated, it is a miracle I have anything up at all.  But finally I found an iWeb template I could customize to my heart's content.




Terry said...

Nice website. I'm having trouble putting one together too, empatigo.

Just caught your comment on Nathan Bransford's about the qualities of writing and selling are seldom found in the same person. So true. Just thinking about selling kills my desire to write.

Good blog rants too:)

C.A. Scott said...

Hey thanx! I with you there... but Amazon's making things a little easier...

New domain:

Have to admit Nathan's post kind of, well, inspired's not the right word, but... nudged me enough to get me moving again, anyway... Serendipity w/a note from a friend about Amazon's making it easier and the release of the iPad... We'll see how it goes. --CAS